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The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

What if you’re out of ideas for your next collection in your bullet journal? What if you have no clue about what to do next? Well then, don’t worry, because here are a bunch of ideas that can get you started again.

1. Habit Tracker:

This allows you to keep track of your actions and habits in a neat and organized way.

Photo by Kat

2. Year in Pixels:

This is a means of recording your daily emotions and experiences in a chart/grid form.

Photo by Etsy

3. Mood Tracker:

This is quite similar to the year in pixels, however, it can also help you to track your monthly or weekly mood. Mood trackers can be drawn in several ways, not only charts, unlike year in pixels.

Photo by Cristina

4. Bucket List

Most people assume that this is like a to-do list, but that is quite wrong. A bucket list is actually a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.

Photo by Liz

5. Exercise Log

This can be used to keep track of how much exercise/workouts you do each day. It is extremely beneficial and having one might motivate you to exercise/workout more.

Photo by Ambriel

6. Spendings Tracker

This will help you have an idea about how much you spend monthly/weekly/daily.

Photo by Sasha

7. Savings Tracker

This is quite the opposite of a Spendings Tracker, as it’s a means of tracking how much money you’ve saved, rather than how much you’ve spent. It can be used to track monthly savings, weekly savings and more.

Photo by Melinda

8. Circular Birthday Log

Using this method, you can easily keep track of your family members’ or friends’ birthdays. Although it’s totally up to you to choose the layout of your birthday log, I would recommend this circular one as it’s particularly unique and creative.

Photo by Maria

9. Meal Planner

This is something I would especially recommend to mothers who feel the need to organize the day’s meals, as well as plan in advance for the upcoming week etc.

Photo by Lisa

10. Places You Want/Wish To Go

This can prove to be an effective way to relax your mind and get down to listing/drawing the places you’d very much like to visit and explore.

11. TBR (To Be Read) Page

List down the books you want/wish to read one day. Don’t limit yourself to lists, you can draw bookshelves and bookcases holing the TBR books, such as the following.

Photo by Mercedez

12. Gratitude Log

Write down what and whom you are grateful for. This helps to increase your thankfulness and gratitude while at the same time making sure you don’t forget that you’re blessed to have such things and such people in your life.

13. Goals Page

Creating a page dedicated to your yearly, monthly or weekly goals can help a lot. It helps you keep in mind what needs to be done, and makes you feel proud of yourself when you’ve finally achieved the goals.

How to set monthly goals in a bullet journal
Photo by Lauren

14. Routine Page

Use up a page of your bullet journal to plan out your daily routine. This routine page need not be extremely elaborate and specific, it can be general and not that detailed.

Image result for bullet journal routine

15. Favourite Quotes Page

Jot down your favourite/inspirational quotes on a page of your bullet journal, so that they can be referred to in the future, and can act as sources of encouragement for you.

Photo by Alexandra

There are many collections and pages that one can add to a bullet journal, but I think these are quite enough to start sparking ideas in your brain.

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